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Florvaag Elektronikk AS


Florvaag Monitor Control System is a highly modular and flexible monitor control system for fishing boats and commercial vessels. You can customize different modules and functions you need aboard your vessel. 

7" Marine touch panel, SW and monitor signal distribution (DIM/SOURCE)

Support "Source", "DIM ALL" and "DIM SINGEL" functions for Hatteland series X, Wave Northinvent and ISIC monitors. If you want more flexibility you can expand the system with the "Common mouse and keyboard system", "FavTAB", or with an DVI or VGA Matrix to send different combinations of picture settings to all monitors. Our system supports different DVI and VGA matrixes.

Common mouse and keyboard system (control from panel)

Extra module. One mouse and keyboard to control up to 8 different computers. This includes one Logitech wireless rollerball mouse and one mini keyboard. The system can be expanded with one extra USB controller. Total available inputs on the system will then be 16.

Favtab favorite keyboard commands to chart plotter

Extra module. Control key features such as "start/stop track", "Zoom in/out" and more for two different chart plotters directly from the touch panel. Our currently supported chart plotters are TimeZero, Olex, PENTA+ & Sodena. If you want to use a different chart plotter with this system please contact us.

Monitor selector

This function requires a monitor matrix. From the "Picture" menu you can decide what monitor you want to display which picture on. The favorite monitor configuration are the 4 buttons to the right of the "Picture" button. These are 4 pre-set monitor configurations which you can easily switch between. You can assign the buttons names and different monitor configurations to suit your needs.

Remote control via mobiledevice (ios / android devices)

You can remotely control the FMCS via a tablet, such as an iPad. This is an option you can choose if you wish to "bring the FMCS with you". If you have a lot of different operation points on the bridge it can be handy to have a tablet for remote control.

For more information and prices please contact us on:

Email: florvaag@florvaag.no

Phone: +47 48 11 62 38

We at Florvaag Elektronikk have the pleasure of announcing that our Monitor Control System has been welcomed with open arms on the market.

Our reference list as of OCTOBER, 2020

– Aaltje Postma
– Atlantic
– Asbjørn
– Beinur
– Breivik Junior
– Courageous
– Elin
– Erla Kongsdottir
– Fiskenes
– Fosnahav
– Geir
– Gitte
– Gunnar Langva
– Havstål
– Havsnurp
– Hauge Junior
– Julie Pauline
– Kings Bay
– Kongsvard
– Knut Olav
– Kristoffer Tronds
– Linette
– Magnarson
– Magne Arvesen
– Nesbakk
– Nesejenta
– Nordsø
– Ocean Venture
– Oljevern Bøkfjord
– Oljevern Hekkingen
– Oljevern Ryvingen
– Oljevern Skomvær
– Oljevern Utvær
– Ramoen
– Ruth
– Seir
– Sjøvik
– Sulehav
– Sjøvik
– Strand Senior
– Slettenberg
– Talbor
– Tersan NB1100
– Tersan NB1101
– Vea
– Veidar
– Vikanøy
– Vikingbank
– Vonar
– Østerfjord